Clever children’s room : 7 rules of the organization

Clever children’s room – it’s real today. The main thing – do not get lost in a variety of furniture and furnishings . Properly organized nursery is important for the formation of a healthy child’s psyche .
How to equip a nursery student

1. dynamism
Children’s room interior and it should be such that as the child could change everything for the child , and quite fast .

2 . Games
Children’s furniture should be such that allows you to organize a variety of games to develop their imagination and fantasy. The child should be able to build , combine , etc.

3 . Free
The children’s room should be enough space for your child to not only play , but also invite guests to do exercises, expanded on the floor favorite game , etc.

4 . Place for parents
Yes , children’s room – it’s a private space of the child. However corner for parents to be there too , so mom and dad could come to visit.

5 . simple
When planning a baby , consider that the room should not overload sophisticated design techniques , because they are a child , in most cases , indifferent , and only amuse parental ambition.

6. Zoned
Children’s room should be divided into zones – to study , to play , to hobbies , to sleep, to the sport. This will help the child to organize their lives.

7. security
Pay particular attention to safety, especially if the child is small . See that was not in the children’s fragile , sharp , glass objects . Locks on the balcony doors and window frames must be reliable, cornices firmly attached , heaters designed and etc.

Child’s room , children’s furniture

Not every young family can afford , armed with fashion magazines , think about a separate children’s room interior . So make a reservation: we are not talking necessarily about a separate room altogether any room where you want to live a pipsqueak have to adapt to the needs of the new family member. How to make your kid was good and comfortable? How to ensure the conditions for him to correct and harmonious development?
If you have the opportunity to settle the crumbs in a separate room for you then you can only be happy . In this case, the decor is much easier – everything here is just for the baby. But in many families a child will share a room with their parents , at least for a while. Many moms calmer when their baby close and do not have anywhere to flee to his cry . In this case, the room needed to be a permutation .
Cradle needed, irrespective of whether you go to his child’s bed or not. Now there are so many variations of this children’s furniture : and on wheels and skids , and even in the form of cradles . But the important thing is that the material from which made bed was clean and bed very easily washed . Need to put the crib so that was not there heaters, radiators and general public whatsoever devices ( humidifiers , ozone generators , TV , phone, etc. )
Crib should not be placed on the walkway . If it is too bright sunlight will reach the crib, then it should be fixed on the curtain or valance to cover the baby if necessary .

Changing table. Is not necessary that it was a special table, enough to accommodate any sustainable furniture (such as a desk or dresser ) for changing, and if necessary – and to massage the baby. The preferred if the cocoon seat height tailored so that my mother did not have to bend down , straining your back . Optimally, if the surface is changing mat will be placed at the level of her navel. If the cocoon place has no shelves (like the chest ), then you need to put it closer to the closet with baby clothes , if necessary, to reach easily to clothing , diapers , etc. Since on the changing table comfortably perform various manipulations with baby ( umbilical wound handle , folds, etc. ), it is desirable to have at hand all the necessary hygiene items . And that does not hurt constantly and do not drop them , put everything on a single tray that can be easily rearranged on the shelf.

Carpets , furniture , books and toys – drives the dust. The fewer of them will be in the children’s room , the better.

To wake up at night is not turning on all the bright lights , get the lamp – ” night light ” . Very convenient fixtures with dimmer switches .

Preparing the room, do not forget the window . It shall be opened to ventilate the room regularly , or tape it tightly ! If the window is blowing , the birth of a baby to be repaired all the cracks . Curtains should be easily removed for regular washing , cleaning, vacuuming .
Not flowering houseplants you can leave , and better flowering rearranged in another room : pollen can cause an allergic reaction in a child . While watering the flowers , you will help moisturize the air in the room.
You can keep the aquarium : it also helps to humidify the air . But do not use dry food for fish.
Birds left in the same room with the child in any case it is impossible – in a cot can get their feathers , the same dry food and waste products . But worst of all is that the birds are carriers of diseases such as psittacosis and ornithosis , the manifestations of which may be different – from conjunctivitis to sepsis.

In the first year of life the child closely , directly connected with their parents , especially the mother. The child’s condition , especially after a few months , based on the state of the mother. Observations show that the well-being and mood mother has a beneficial effect on the baby.
On this basis, if the baby room is spacious, light and atmosphere makes his mother positive emotions , pleases her , everything is made to be easy and tasteful , then for sure , and at the baby , a situation will act positively .
Getting to the equipment a child’s room , look for a few important points:
1. Create a convenience – it means to organize the interior space.
Try to place all the way to the things that you need, were constantly at hand , that there be a shelf for accessories and children’s toy box and always left space for the time when the baby starts to crawl, walk .
2 . Creating comfort. Cosiness inseparable from concepts such as beauty, harmony of all the details of the interior . If the room is not respected color harmony , it will reduce the feeling of luxury housing, and gradually affect your health and mood and, of course , on the health of the baby.
It should be remembered that the violet and red act on the nervous system stimulant , contribute to fatigue , reduced performance.
Yellow color of good mood , he is able to calm the color of hope and activity, he gives the impression of lightness and joyousness .
Green and blue – the colors of nature, they create a peaceful atmosphere, calming and even improve hearing sensitivity . Orange color traditionally had homemade lampshades, because associating with sunlight, it brings joy .
Wall pasted with bright cool colors – pale blue , blue- green – which expands the room.
Warm colors (orange , yellow ) , on the contrary , as it were closer papered surface.
In the selection of wallpaper should be guided by the same rules. It is better not to use wallpaper with a large , bright (even children ) pattern. The expectation is that the room will look more fun , more fun , and bright image will attract baby’s attention and create a good mood , is erroneous : baby very soon get used to them and they cease to cause him concern. A good solution to this problem is to use wallpaper with calm colors and understated pattern . This will give you the ability to use the ” bright spots” that attract attention and delay the baby. In this “bright spot” can serve as a children’s rug over the bed , children’s murals, vibrant illustrations or wall soft toys …
3 . The undeniable interior decoration child’s room are toys . But do not cover with their entire room , let the ” run ” will be a few toys , and the rest is better to remove in a closed cabinet or drawer so they are not bored kid.

The isolation of the child from the adult needs mainly in the evening hours , when the baby is placed on the night, and the adult members of the family wants to be together , watch TV , talk over dinner about the past day, to solve some common problems . So little one better to make a ” sleep ” in the bedroom, the bed mom. The latter is important also because scientists have proven – the kid has to sleep in the dark. It turns out , night lighting can affect the development of myopia in children in the future , due to malformation of the optic apparatus. Very bad for sleeping child working TV . All the cries of alarm , ” timid ” speech , emotions and scenes of gang violence borne by subcortical brain sleeping baby and disabling it has not yet formed the nervous system. If the one in the family room, for the sake of the child should give up a lot . You can use the kitchen as a living room, using headphones , etc.
In the early months of a child’s life takes place mainly in the horizontal plane. Of course , my mother briefly raises the little one , holding under his back, giving him the opportunity to stay for 5-10 minutes in a vertical position. It happens more often after feeding, changing , changing . Basically the child spends time in the supine position , so cot, changing table , high- riding are the first pieces of children’s furniture needed to ensure comfort.
Models are available with cots bedside tables , which is very convenient for children’s clothes, accessories required, toys, baby care items . It is desirable to put the crib so that the baby would have been possible to come up on the left and the right. This will contribute to a turning heads left and right, the formation of a correct posture .

Children’s Room – Children’s model of the ” adult” world

Each child should have their own space , their own little world where the special atmosphere of childhood. And this is the room – children’s room. Its design is different from similar “adult” bedrooms and living rooms , as for the baby nursery – a room and recreation room for the reception of friends, school office and at the same time a place for active play. In addition, it is important to highlight the character of the interior of children’s preferences and her little occupant. Modern children’s playroom, a significant effect on a child’s development . In carrying out its direct functions , at the same time she gets in the eyes of the young visionaries very different properties and purpose , serving as a playground , developing children’s imagination and the imagination. That is why it is necessary to approach the issue of purchase of furniture for the baby’s room carefully.

We all come from a distant fairy-tale childhood

Remember, he seemed in my childhood world around us ? Everything looked very different than it is now . Trees were higher paint was beautiful, the subjects were more and more massive , and the surrounding furniture was the most interesting , fun and colorful. It was a different world , which was dominated by its laws and regulations , where imagination was friends with magic , sometimes turning the chairs in the playful horses , and a bed – a tropical island and the hut. Golden age , forever left a mark on the soul of the child matured . This is so because every parent wants to create the best conditions for your toddler , for its full development and creativity , fun games and a comfortable stay . In many ways, the future of the child depends on the conditions in which he grew up playing and doing what kids furniture surrounded him from infancy , from the first days of his life.

Room for healthy sleep and comfortable stay is always a deeply personal for each person : each element of its situation chosen in full accordance with the tastes and desires of the owner. So no wonder they say that to buy furniture for a child’s bedroom or a cozy family nest is difficult – it is a very important task that must be addressed.

The most difficult task is to solve the interior problems for teenagers , it is very important to be a comprehensive approach . Teenage furniture should create an atmosphere in the room teenager , in which there is a place for rest and recreation , and for school activities. In addition , the choice of a teenage room it is time to take into account the sex of your baby .. Some models come under the modern name of “unisex “, that is equally well suited , and boys and girls .
I would also like to add that our recommendations are only recommendations , in any case, the choice is always yours and your child. After all, a good children’s furniture is selected by each of us under the influence of their own ideas and tastes.

Interesting children’s room


Who among us has not dreamed of her room , which is like a fairy tale ? Let us realize this dream at least for our children , creating a unique decor !
Children’s room – that’s what first sees your baby waking up , which is returned from the kindergarten or school , where he plays , where he invited friends , develops, grows . It should not only be a purely cleaned and tastefully furnished . It should be a little world of your child. Just hang bright curtains, put the expensive furniture and put a lot of toys is not enough for a child to her in the most developed .
With the murals in the children can turn it into a world of fairies and wizards , in space, in the fairy-tale forest , settle in her favorite fairy tale heroes or cartoon characters. The child will be mentally wander on their own forest, where it is impossible to get lost , but behind every bush he will wait for some fictional character . In the cabin in the woods can settle everyone can just imagine your little one .
Using appropriate techniques room will be a bright , bright, colorful. It will attract the child. You can draw some pictures on one or more walls, and can portray the whole story in the entire room .
That the drawings do not distract the child, the room can be divided into zones. The lounge area – the quieter figures in the game – bright , developing .
Now very popular wallpapers and stickers. This is certainly a good budget option , but they will not give you something that will airbrush . Airbrush in children’s fairy-tale world of the living give you crumbs ! The depth of the figure, the volume ! Landscape will look very realistic and at the same time fabulous. You’ll see! The birds seem to sing now , the leaves began to stir , and the colors seems to come a faint aroma!
All materials used for illustrations in children’s room is absolutely safe for the baby’s health . Acrylic paint is used for this type of work environment is clean, it antifungal and prevents mold, anti-bacterial , it is well washed.

Give your child a fantastic world , and it will be infinitely grateful to you !
The author – Daria Honore


An array of natural wood – the most environmentally friendly material for baby furniture. Less of it is that this furniture is maintenance, afraid of water and is easily scratched. Best in children’s use pine, it is not a valuable species, and therefore cheap. Blond pine cabinets and beds look very pretty. Furniture made of particle board, which many now in stores, even cheaper, but some of this material may produce phenol and formaldehyde, which are very harmful to the health of young children’s occupant. If you do decide to buy this furniture, be sure to make sure the health certificate, which contains information about the form of CPD. The traditional “wall”, sadly apart from corner to corner, is not able to create a cozy atmosphere in the room. Much more interesting to children’s furniture in the shape of a ship with gear, or fairy doll in the world. Bed with slide, two-story “house” where the game space and the table at the bottom, and the bed – top gaming tables with the “Mink” – all it takes kid fun and variety to the situation of his room. Now available as a modular furniture that can “grow” with the baby. Over time, it will be possible to attach to the table additional tables, push the bed in length, lengthen shelves as your child grows – interior objects will continue to be combined with each other. The only downside – this furniture can eventually get bored. Baby room can be divided into two zones: a bedroom and a game with the rack or cabinet. That the child has learned to dress himself, racks and shelves in the closet should be at its height, and the clothing is better not to put a big pile – so it’s hard to get your own. If space allows, to store children’s clothes best buy a dresser, and put things in it on many shelves. Good alternative to the dresser – vertical “column” with the boxes, one above the other. Children’s table and chair – one of the main elements of the situation room. Child needs not only the surface for drawing, writing, and modeling. For about to lay out the puzzles, collect designer, playing with small toys. Furniture is selected according to the growth of the child. With the growth of the baby 80 – 90 cm height of the chair seat should be about 20 cm, and the height of the table – about 40, if growth is close to 100 cm, the chair should be 25 cm and the table – 43 – 45 cm In every child’s room is usually a lot of toys. Their storage – a problem even for a big room. Do not forget that to maintain order in its nest a child must learn on their own, so create the necessary conditions. Toy boxes on wheels is better to buy, they are easier to move. Glue the boxes image of what they should be based on: one – the dolls in the other – cubes in the third – cars. Thus, the baby learns to sort the items. In the closet instead of the lower shelves for clothes you can put cardboard boxes or woven plush friends, so they will be less dusty. Can be hung from fabric bags for storing parts designer and puzzles. Books, clay, crayons and paint a better place away from toys on a special shelf in the rack. You can hang them for its own shelf on the wall near the children’s table. Now children’s stores appeared funny mesh laundry baskets in the form of animals, insects and flowers. Children will happily throw his dirty clothes in the basket of a miracle, and my mother will be able to easily move it to the bathroom with the content. When preparing the nursery do not forget to consider the opinion and its future inhabitants. This is his personal space and he has the right to form it to your liking. Even if the room is small, try to select a corner of a sports complex. “The Swedish wall”, rope, bars and soft mats take up little space, and the health benefits of the child from them is obvious. Do not forget to hang your baby magnetic board with the alphabet and numbers, and to provide it with a board for drawing with chalk or washable pencil. The walls can be decorated with reproductions of famous paintings and drawings of the master bathroom. TV in child undesirable. First, you will not be able to control what and how long the child looks, and secondly, the electromagnetic radiation from the devices are harmful to health. The same goes for your computer. Contrary to the fashion for electronic games, at such a young age the child communicate better with electronic limit. The computer can be studied in the parent room with adult supervision. And in the children of the achievements of technical thought enough small tape recorder to your favorite songs and tales. Unfortunately, the realities of life are not always the parents can provide a child a room. But even if the baby lives in their parents’ bedroom, he still needs his own, personal corner. It can be separated from the general area of ​​a high furniture or wall. Everything must be on hand: clothes, cars, books, not to make him infinitely walk across the room to the closet for pens and toys. In this corner is also somewhere to “live” toy, it’s best in a box under the bed or in the closet. Table games and activities as required, you can make a folding or folding. Respect the sovereignty of the child, even the smallest. Do not take things without asking, and do not get out of the room without the knowledge of the baby. Only periodically playthings, hiding for a few weeks bored – forgotten, they will once again be interested in a couple of days a child. Safety. The topic should be emphasized. Baby will often be alone in a room and you need to try to prevent any possible injury.
Furniture should not have sharp edges, corners or protruding screws. Hide them, you bought a special plastic lining on the corners in the store, or cut them yourself from foam and paint in the desired color.
Put a light in the room door, the baby could open them yourself.
Opening the windows, on the contrary, must be prohibitively child. Do not forget to hang on to their mosquito nets.
High cabinets better fasten to the wall to standing on a drawer or hanging on the door, the child is not knocked him over.
High beds need to have a side.
Try to avoid slipping on the floor and furniture.
All the small details of the interior must be well secured.
Mandatory cap on sockets, even if the kid knows that stuff in them is harmful. This may not know any of his friends.
Drawers should be nominated to the end.
Everything on which the baby can hang, should be well secured.
Around the sports complex must have enough free space, and under the very complex to put sports mats
The battery is better to wear a protective screen, the child is not burned or injured.
All electrical wiring must be removed in a box or under baseboards. Cords from appliances should also be available child

Room for baby 2-3 years

Planning interior nursery, parents will have to think about all kinds of things – from furniture to lighting and color of the walls. How to create a comfortable and safe environment for your child to play and relax in comfort, know where are his things and be happy to clean up after a toy?

Daria Pavlov

Your baby has grown up, and it’s time for him to move from the cozy master bedroom to the nursery. Create a child comfortable and safe living conditions, because of its nest it will spend a lot of time. To do this, you need to consider the situation in the room, to plan placement of furniture, materials, which will be finished with the walls and floors, and many other details. Child’s influence not only on the physical and intellectual development, but also creates the conditions for the mental comfort of the child and helps to form a certain character traits, tastes and preferences of the little man, creates an emotional background of his life. So, first things first:

On the floor, the baby spends the lion’s share of the time, so it is advisable to cover it as much as possible to natural. Flooring or parquet boards are durable, beautiful, but require significant investment. Very comfortable cork flooring, it is easy to restore, by walking on this coating reduces the load on the spine, but it costs too are not cheap. Less natural, but more accessible and functional material is a laminate. Unlike the flooring does not require tsiklevaniya or varnished, scratch-resistant, easy to clean. Also good floors made of natural fibers – wool or cane. The carpet and floor coverings will enhance soundproofing a room, they will play a warm and painful fall. But if the baby is prone to allergies, these materials should not use, the dust in carpets remains after any cleaning.

They can be painted or wallpaper paste over. Desirable to select a wallpaper washable, as there is no such child, who would not try to decorate the walls. Figure preferred monochrome. Common is the wallpaper with cartoon characters and bright spots to excessive load on the child’s psyche, distracting, and quickly bored little tenant. If you want a bright wall – use on-tone wallpaper friezes (borders). A huge selection of stores, so if the baby will be to insist on “the wall with bunnies” so gay bar would be a good alternative. Pasted on the walls painted curbs also look good.

The choice of color – a very important moment in the decoration of the room. Some colors excite the nervous system, while others, calm, a good mood and even help treat some diseases. White and all the cool colors (blue, green) – optically enhance the room warm (pink, yellow, orange) – slightly reduced. Preferably to the ceiling light to the room is not “pressed” on a small tenant. Red too exciting, but if the kid does not have enough energy, you can add individual items of that color (baseboards, window sills). Yellow – the color of the sun and joy, but it should be a warm tint to not irritate the eyes. Green soothes and improves mood, blue, and blue to help fall asleep.

Best light for any room – a natural, so make the most of children’s best light room apartment. Preferred large windows facing the south. Artificial ceiling light should be bright enough not to spoil the view of a child. Most similar to the spectrum of daylight fluorescent lamps, they do not affect vision and create a soft, diffused light. Required child element – nightlight. The stores sell fun and inexpensive bedside in the form of animals and toys with adjustable light intensity, they will create a cozy atmosphere in the room and will help calm your baby to sleep.

It is thought that the builders-dressers?

From what best to do the floor in the nursery? This issue should be taken particularly seriously. The child will spend on the floor most of the time, and parents have to constantly monitor the cleanliness and order.

Parquet – is one piece of solid wood, it is beautiful, expensive and long. The main advantage of wooden parquet – its durability and maintainability. It can not just grind, and scrape, from which it unusable coating becomes completely new. The main disadvantage of parquet – the high price. In addition, the flooring needs to be updated every 5-6 years.
Wooden boards. She came up with a radical change of block parquet. Relatively new material in the same environmentally friendly and completely straight, as beautiful, not less durable and wear resistance, but with proper care – are also very durable. In this case, it is much easier to installation, easier, and, finally, it is cheaper. Floorboards are made of several layers of wood, but it has a very serious drawback – it can not scrape. Useful layer of 4 mm is removed first call cycle. Damaged flooring must be replaced.
Cork – one hundred percent eco-friendly natural material (pressed cork). On the covers to not accumulate electrical charges, so they do not collect dust, which is important for use in the nursery.
The most remarkable high thermal and acoustic insulation cork, a cellular structure of the cells filled with air
For cork floors is easy and pleasant to walk (especially barefoot), since the fluctuations of steps are canceled and not transferred to the spine. According to doctors, it unloads the musculoskeletal system. In addition, this floor is very high coefficient of friction, so it is not slippery.
To be fair, and the lack of traffic jams – a small mechanical strength and hardness.
To form a laminate laminated cover virtually indistinguishable from natural wood flooring. Plus to this, they have many of their own merits, of which the most significant: the lower price and higher durability. Mount laminate floors can be easily and quickly. The panels are glued together, pulled together clips or combined with different shapes of grooves and ridges protruding, forming tight lock connection. No dust, shavings, banging and screeching cars, which are always in excess of working with natural parquet.
Unfortunately, the average quality of the laminate can suffer from prolonged contact with water, so it is necessary to wipe the puddles quickly. The service life of the laminate 5 to 20 years.
Wool with Sisal This unique in its kind floor slightly rough to the touch and is made from natural plant fibers – agave leaves. It fits like carpet, but only in dry conditions.
Carpets and floor coverings of sisal be vacuumed daily. More thoroughly clean them every six months or dry shampoo powder. Never use washing vacuum cleaner! If the coating accidentally spilled water immediately compile it with blotting paper, and the wet area dry hair dryer
Carpeting Carpeting should be chosen for the child, certainly given the age of your child. Basic requirements – complete safety, comfort and a positive emotional state. The kids have not yet learned to walk, crawl with extreme enthusiasm and amazing speed. To deprive them of that pleasure in any case it is not necessary, but take care of the delicate kolenochki and palms – the duty of all intelligent parents. Soft cut pile of medium height and density – ideal. Hard coatings are not allowed in the baby’s room up to five years, as well as a model with excessively high, even soft pile. Tiny feet will be confused in this “jungle”, besides daily cleaning in this case could turn into a hard and thankless task of treasures. Manufacturers offer many options of colors and patterns. Traditional drawing – funny little animals, cartoon characters, etc.
Grown tricksy (from five to ten) is not so terrible fall, so the nap of the carpet can become more rigid and elastic. I must say that no particular objection to the synthetics do not exist. Synthetic surfaces are made for children, usually from special food polyurethane (from a bottle to make the same kinds of drinks). Changing the carpet and decor. Extremely popular drawn railways and streets with all the road signs – and the fun and profitable.

It is thought that the feng shui master?

The task of parents – Locate and make the nursery so that she loved the child, and to her feng shui positively impacted on its development, health, success, relationships with family and peers.
Favorable for boys direction is east, for girls – the east and south-east. Children should be oriented in this direction. Well, if its window “looks” to the east, and the bed adjacent to the east wall.
East – is the direction of growth, sustainable development, this side of the world corresponds to the element tree. Tree to grow up healthy, tall and strong, nothing shall restrict or inhibit its growth, one must ensure the protection and nutrition. The child will feel safe and happy, feeling concern and love ones.
Best of all, if the bedroom of a child under adolescence, located next to the parents’ bedroom.
Children’s baby should not be too large (large area with a high ceiling), not to cause fear, or too small, with oppressive psychoactive low ceiling, limiting movement walls. Children are particularly keenly feel the overwhelming influence of various pieces of furniture, color and light. Furniture in the room should be few, only what is needed to part of the space (in the center of luck, that is at the center of the room) was free to play.
The child to fall asleep quickly and sleep was calm, no toys, no desk should not be visible from the bed. At night, all toys should be removed in a cabinet or box. See that large soft toys, especially those that depict predatory and aggressive animals did not stay in the room where the baby sleeps. Only a favorite toy – a friend and protector of the child – must be left around, hanging it on the wall by the bed or put on a stand.
The rays of the rising sun to penetrate into every corner of the nursery, so the curtains should push the early morning. Artificial lighting should be bright, place the lights at different levels, so the whole room was covered evenly. In the center of the ceiling hang the chandelier workplace equip student lamp. The bed (on the curb or side of the headboard) it is desirable to put a night light, a child can at any time to reach him and on.
Attract positive energy in the child’s room to help a variety of moving objects and toys, such as a pendulum clock and moving parts, mills, music, rides and fun mobiles.
“Music of the Wind” for children should be a bit smaller than usual, the brightly colored and have eight suspensions.
Strengthen a sector child for no apparent reason, do not. However, it is understood the desire of some parents with children from birth to send his education on track. To achieve this goal, the bed baby can place an item or image symbolizing his future occupation, interest (for example, musical instrument, vehicle model, globe, etc.).

That it is thought by psychologists?

Psychologists say that the human mind is directly linked to the development of visual perception: the thinner is the perception, the more colors distinguishes the human eye, the more perfect the human brain.
Baby’s first two years of life, psychologists advise others only soft-saturated colors, and when he gets older, children, on the contrary, it may be the most vivid, colorful and cheerful room in the house.
Baby room should be soft and comfortable, in a quiet, restrained. For example, it may be a combination of warm shades of blue in combination with pastel yellow, which create a sense of security and comfort. Bustling and cheerful can make a room children’s furniture, painted in similar color combinations. In such circumstances, the baby be able to fully play, learn and relax.
Psychologists believe that beginning in the fourth year of life, a baby begins to prefer a cold and cheerful colors – pure yellow, red, blue. At this time, in the design of children is very important to use pure colors, such as solar and colors create a moving atmosphere in the children’s bedroom and playroom.
Undesirable for nursery dark shades spectral colors because the closer to the black shade of a color, the more depressing effect it has on people. Bright shades of the same, on the contrary, cause positive emotions, consistent development, youth and strength. Scientists have found that a good, good mood can be created using ivory – light with a golden hue, and pale blue walls normalizes blood pressure and improves the general condition.
Interesting solution – two-tone walls. For example, the combination of light yellow and light blue, but not plain, but with small spots, patches of different shades of the same color, but it “breaks” the monotony of color and gives the wall picturesque, pleasant to the eye.
It is very important to choose the correct shade of color. Often, parents pick up the girls room with warm colors in shades of pink, for the room boy – a “cool” color combinations, shades of blue. However, experts do not consider these color preferences mandatory rule. They are only useful to consider the impact of colors on the emotional, psychological and sometimes physical well-being, which has already been said before.
Psychologists recommend to solve a child’s room interior in soft and pure tones: pinkish, yellowish-green, light blue, light green. Pastel colors create harmony in children, they help even a dark room to make more fun and more comfortable to create in it a lively atmosphere, is very different from the measured “adult” areas. Make children’s fun and easy, you can use a small number of colors – such as beige and pale mauve colors with the addition of brown.
Some experts argue that the very light shade of purple is good for child’s room-student, for a positive creative impulse and stimulates mental activity. Particularly preferred pastel colors for babies and toddlers infants. Subtle shades of pink, for example, reduce arousal, pleasant lull.
Children can decorate the walls with bright colored drawings: flowers, butterflies, small animals, developing the imagination and curiosity of a child. Can be hung from the ceiling light bright contrasting toys that attract the child’s attention.
At the same time, psychologists and designers do not recommend the use of both a lot of bright colors that the room does not become clumsy. Especially parents should be careful with the use of intense red and orange tones, as their abundance can irritate baby.
The importance of the choice of base color for a child’s temperament has a kid who dwell in it. For example, the design of the room for a little phlegmatic or melancholic can be used alone, but small, objects of bright red color, highlighted by “spots”, or paste over the wall wallpaper pale pink. This background and bright red spots are moderately stimulate the activity of the child and increase its immunity.
Delicate blue and blue will be appropriate in the room restless baby – the choleric or sanguine too excitable with “explosive” temper. It is also believed that all the shades of blue have the ability to strengthen the body of the child and to promote its development. But in children with orange walls, curtains, and a mass of colorful toys such active child, on the contrary, it will be very difficult to be a “good boy”, in time to finish the game and went to bed, because the abundance of bright orange tones stimulant effect on the psyche.
Many psychologists advise parents choosing colors for the room loved the kid, sure to find out his opinion: ask, what color he likes the most, because the color preferences reflect the emotional needs of the person and personal color scale can to some extent be regarded as an expression of individuality.


Negative impact on the psyche of the child: excite her, while, as a rule, increased blood pressure and increased risk of headaches and nightmares.


Act positively. Despite the depressing effect on the nervous system, the negative impact on the heart rate, it relieves muscle tension and dulls the pain. However, it is that, being in the room, which is dominated by the color blue, the feeling of fatigue and depression. In the nursery legal to have blue in small quantities (eg, pajamas, robe child, edging on a blanket).


Absolutely, positively affects all aspects of life. This is a great color for a baby room decoration. It activates the brain, improves mood, increases the speed of perception, visual acuity. And is contraindicated only in those cases where the child is subject to overstimulation or neuralgia.


Increases visual acuity. In addition, it helps to normalize blood and eye pressure, pulse and breathing stabilizes and helps concentration, good mood, is beneficial for insomnia. That is why in the past workers (written) tables delayed, usually green baize, and table lamp shade was green! Drawings, toys and book-covers in shades of green – this is exactly what you need for your child.


This color is beneficial to the digestive organs, increases the appetite, but its abundance in the children’s room is a child fatigue and sometimes dizziness. Therefore, the child may be orange, a few toys


Pastel colors – pale yellow, pale blue, pale green or pink are perfect for a baby room. They refresh a room, create a good mood. So designers recommend a child’s room wall painted in different colors. For example, to reduce the brightness of the light and create a sense of coolness, solar wall can be bluish or greenish, a wall that is in the shade, maybe peach, yellow or cream. And to encourage creative activity baby Japanese designers recommend a children’s drawings directly on the walls. Moreover, this factor will give the room an individual, unique style

It is thought that the designers?

Children’s room is perhaps the most difficult, but at the same time the most interesting in terms of design. Child’s room leaves an indelible imprint on all subsequent human life has an impact on the formation of character and personality development.
The basic principle of a child’s room – versatility and variability. Furnishings should awaken the imagination, create opportunities for different activities and games. To children had all these qualities, the designers used a method of zoning. Usually, this space is divided into a training, game parts, as well as a relaxation area. Wonderful option solutions recreation would be a bunk bed. It frees up more space that can accommodate a desk or play area. In addition, the children’s room is advisable to install a small sports complex.
Desk area should be well lit. Generally light in the children is very important. With different lighting options can achieve lighting effects. For example, a glowing neon thread will give a truly fabulous view window opening, and spotlights spotlights effectively allocate the necessary interior details.
Planning interior room baby, do not get involved in architectural delights. Multi-level ceilings, moldings, arched doorways, stairs and catwalks rather comforted parental pride, and the child will not help anything.
Another important factor is how to integrate children with the rest of the apartment or house. It is desirable that the child, if desired, could easily be separated from adults, opened the door of his room, or, conversely, to be alone. The most remote corner of the apartment or house – not a place for children.
The furniture in the room of the child allows the best way to emphasize the individuality of your baby. (And realize their individuality modern kids start very early.) Today, many furniture manufacturers produce special children’s series. Such products can be found in the catalogs of firms and furniture stores.
Children’s furniture is usually made from natural materials. In the operation of a table, chair, cupboard shall not release any harmful substances, so acquiring such furniture, read the certificate for the product.
In addition, children’s furniture – it is also part of the game. Well, if it contains a variety of drawers and containers. A child can be stored in them their clothes and toys.
Often the child gets tired of his toys. This is quite common, so you should be anticipated convenient place to store cars, dolls, blocks, etc. The child can put their own toys, for example, in the drawers, and retrieve them from there as needed. It is also a game that develops a very useful trait – the tendency to order.
Perfect field for unlimited fancy designer can serve and space ceiling. It may look like a starry sky with the moon – a lamp, and can be dotted with air cumulus clouds. It can fly kites or birds. All depends on your imagination and the individual needs of the child.
The space of a child’s room should be very light. But in this matter it is important not to overdo it. Curtains – the tried and tested method to shade the room, if necessary. They save from excessive sunlight and illumination of the night city.
It is advisable that your child feels in his room, more or less independent. Give him feel it. Let the interior child is having a positive impact on the psyche of the child.